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  • Boosters for IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PEOPLE are officially approved by FDA, CDC, and VDH. See below for the list of people who can get a third dose of their current series RIGHT NOW.

  • Boosters WILL be approved for ALL PATIENTS soon

  • The ONLY requirement will be you must wait at least 8 months after first vaccination

  • There seems to be no priority list, wait list, or age-related restriction.

  • These will be approved AFTER full FDA approval has been granted, so expect Mid-September

  • You will be getting the SAME VACCINE you got the first time

  • This is ONLY for mRNA vaccine recipients

  • This is NOT YET for JJ people; they are awaiting clinical data on 2 dose series for now. 

  • You can go ANYWHERE to get your booster

  • Just like with the last approval, we need FDA, then CDC, then VDH to authorize it. There may be a slight delay.

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